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1,2,3,4 Apartments – Westlands

PRJ5+245, Nairobi, Kenya
Kshs. 30,000,000


  • Gym
  • Hotel
  • IT support
  • Laundry
  • Lift
  • Lounge area
  • Reception services


The GTC Opulent Apartments are luxurious high-end apartments designed with the hotel concept in mind. The apartments are located in a premium location with avant-garde building designs and high-end facilities, making them an ideal investment for those looking for high returns.

The Apartments are fitted with Bosch oven and microwave, an extractor hood for ventilation. Kohler stainless steel basins and Kohler sanitary ware.

The Apartments also have a pantry for extra storage, a laundry room with a solar water heater and provision for a washing machine.


The GTC Apartments offer top-notch security with a 6-phase security system that includes: 24-hour CCTV surveillance, intrusion alarm systems, a perimeter electric fence, access control, an interior intercom and a heavy security guards presence and patrol. All security systems are provided by an elite British Security company and a local outstanding security company.

We have a total of 514 Apartments.

These Apartments are split into:

1 Bedroom: 92 Units

2 Bedrooms: 322 Units

3 Bedrooms: 92 Units

4 Bedrooms (Penthouses): 8 Units

Tower A:

This tower is 29 floors high with 2 penthouses on the 30th floor.

This tower contains 2 types of 3 bedrooms. A1 and A2 type.

46 Units of the compact 3 bedroom

46 Units of the large 3 bedroom

A typical floor has 4 units and has 4 elevators from the 7th- 29th floor.

It is split into two wings: Wing A1 and A2. Each wing has 2 Apartments per floor sharing 2 high speed

(4m/s) elevators of 8 pax each. This improves privacy and improves movement since it’s a ratio of 1

Apartment: 1 elevator per floor.

It also contains a private club with the following amenities.

2 large and high speed elevators of max. carrying capacity of 26 persons. These elevators only serve the 6 floor- private club and they can only go from the ground floor to the 6th floor which opens to the Rooftop garden.

Ground floor: The Pan Pacific Main reception and concierge desk, a Mini Cinema, Wine and Cigar bar and a coffee lounge.

Third floor: Fully fitted gym, yoga room, a games corner with a billiard table and a resting area, shower rooms, locker room, a sauna, and steam rooms separate for men and women.

Fourth and Fifth floor: is planned to have a spa, a hair and nail salon.

Tower B:

This tower is 29 floors high with 2 penthouses on the 30th floor..

It contains 3 types of 2 bedrooms.

Type B1, B2 and B3 type.

A typical floor has 6 units from the 7th- 29th floor served by 4 high speed (4m/s) elevators of 8 pax each.

Similar to Tower A, this tower is split into 2 wings. Wing B1 and B2.

Each wing however, has the 3 types of 2 bedroom Apartment per floor and is served by 2 high-speed (4m/s) elevators.

Tower C:

This is the tallest tower and consists of 31 floors with 2 penthouses on the 32nd floor..

It contains 2 other types of 2 bedrooms and 1 standard layout of a 1 bedroom.

A typical floor has 6 units. 4 units of 2-bedrooms and 2 units of 1 bedroom served by 3 high speed (4m/s) elevators of 8 pax each.

Tower D:

This is the shortest tower and consists of 27 floors with 2 penthouses on the 28th floor.

On the 6th floor, it contains a breakfast/lunch/dinner lounge, a kitchen, a sizable ballroom and a 15 pax. boardroom. These are managed by Pan Pacific and their use may attract additional costs to users.

A typical floor layout is similar to Tower C.


One-bedroom Apartment

Price range: USD 216,000 – 241,000

Floor Area: 82 sq. m

Two-bedroom Apartments

Price range: USD 270,000 – 324,000

Floor Area: 105, 108, 109, 110, 112 sq. m

Compact Three-bedroom Apartment

Price range: USD 343,000 – 384,000

Floor Area: 137 sq. m

Large Three-bedroom Apartment with a Servant’s Quarter

Price range: USD 458,000 – 510,000

Floor Area: 175 sq. m

Four bedroom Penthouses

Price range: USD 1,128,902 – 1,224,780

Floor Area: Tower A: 309 sqm, Tower C & D: 315 sqm, Tower B: 332 sqm

Payment Options:

Cash – 20% deposit at signing of the sale agreement, 80% within a month from the date of signing.

Payment Plan – 20% deposit at signing of the sale agreement, 80% on quarterly intervals for 24 months.

Mortgage – 20% deposit at sales agreement and 80% to be paid by your bank/financier on the agreed completion date.

Special Discounts:

Cash buyers get 7% off.

Payment plan clients get 3% off (24 months installment plan).

Mortgage plan clients get 4% off.

Special discounts for more than two units.

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